April 29, 2020

Marketing Challenges, The Virtual CMO Podcast

The Virtual CMO Podcast: 

Season 1, Episode 6


Eric Dickmann - Founder/CMO of the Five Echelon Group, Twitter @EDickmann


In this episode of The Virtual CMO podcast, we discuss a recent research report by LemonLight Media on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the marketing efforts of businesses across industries.

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Show Notes:

LemonLight focuses on high quality video production and recently did a survey to 300 of their clients across multiple industries. In this weeks' podcast, we will focus in on one specific question in the survey, "What marketing challenges are struggling with the most right now."

We discuss how COVID-19 is affecting marketing plans and how companies need to prepare as the economy restarts.

Below are the survey results for this particular question: 

Marketing Challenges with COVID-19

We discuss the impacts to:

  • Budget spend and when to start spending again
  • Marketing plans and content already produced
  • Areas of future investment
  • Audience engagement
  • Managing remote teams
  • Other impacts, negative and positive


The Five Echelon Group - Resources to Restart Your Business

You can download the full report from LemonLight Media

A full episode transcript is available here.

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