May 12, 2020

The Virtual CMO Podcast

The sky is falling! Watching the news every day makes it seem that way. There is no shortage of bad news for us individually, for our businesses, and the economy. The pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) has presented government and business leaders with an unprecedented challenge of saving lives and the economy at the same time. It's not an easy task, and history will judge how successful they were, but for small and midsize companies, the realities of these changes are significant. For many, it pushes their viability to the brink, and every day becomes a fight for survival. As business owners, executives, and marketing professionals try to navigate these rough waters; there are some practical considerations of how to rework strategic business plans and deal with crisis marketing.

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Episode Summary:

Marketing Should Lead Your Recovery

Marketing is the engine that drives growth and in times of crisis

  1. Analyze Your Data
  2. Adjust Your Budget Priorities
  3. Focus on Top Customers
  4. Think Differently About How You Market
  5. Be Consistent In Your Outreach
Make Use of the Downtime

For marketing, this downturn provides an opportunity to prepare for that recovery. It's a time to evaluate your automation systems, your data, and your plans to see where there might be opportunities for improvement. 

Don’t Be Tone-Deaf
Empathize First, Sell Later
Be Open and Honest

Share stories about impacts on your company and employees, Speak candidly about what you've done to get through the crisis. 


Crisis Marketing: How to Rework Plans for a Recovery - The Five Echelon Group Blog

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