October 7, 2021

Brand Strategy, The Virtual CMO Podcast
The Virtual CMO Podcast

The Virtual CMO Podcast

Season 6, Episode 17

Hosted By: Eric Dickmann
With Guest: Gabrielle Dolan

Our Featured Guest

Gabrielle Dolan

Author - Magnetic Stories

Gabrielle Dolan is a business consultant and storyteller, speaker, and Founder of Jargon Free Fridays. Since 2004, she has been teaching people around the world the power of sharing personal stories in business.

Gabrielle holds a Master's Degree in Management and Leadership from Swinburne University and graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Education in both the Art and Practice of Leadership Development and Women and Power: Leadership in a New World.

Gabrielle has authored multiple award-winning books such as- “Real Communication: How to be You and Lead True,” “Stories for Work: The Essential Guide to Business Storytelling,” “Storytelling for Job Interviews,” “Ignite: Real Leadership, Real Talk, Real Results,” and “Hooked: How Leaders Connect, Engage and Inspire with Storytelling.” Her new book “Magnetic Stories” walks through how businesses can develop and communicate their own brand stories by focusing on five types of stories to connect and engage people with their brand.

What's Hot?

"Improve customer and employee loyalty with your brand stories"

Magnetic Stories written by Gabrielle Dolan instructs readers on how to develop and communicate their own brand stories. In this book, they will understand how to connect with customers in an authentic way, increase employee engagement, made decisions centered on your company's values and purpose. have a stronger brand presence online, and possess a better control of their brand and reputation to reach greater heights.

Gabrielle believes that every person has a story to tell. Magnetic Stories offers a unique and timely take on approaches which are perfect for any business, regardless of size or industry. 

Magnetic Stories

Gabrielle Dolan

And to me, a brand is the values of your company. It's not the products, it's the values. It's the culture of how we do this."

What We Discussed with Gabrielle

On this episode, host Eric Dickmann interviews Gabrielle Dolan about the power of brand storytelling to grow your business. Here are some highlights of our conversation:

  • [00:01:29] Why Is it so hard for companies to get their brand story right?- Gabrielle Dolan believes that most companies do not have a fundamental understanding of what a brand story actually is. A brand story is something that is implicitly and explicitly expressed by the business and felt by customers regularly,
  • [00:03:45] What differentiates a brand history from a brand story?- A brand history simply talks about how the company came to be, how it may have merged with another company, and may even include the humble beginnings of the founder. However, a brand story answers why the company was built and the reason behind each product or service. 
  • [00:05:28] What makes up a magnetic brand story?- Gabrielle shares that she named her book- Magnetic Stories because, just like a magnet, a powerful brand story pulls people closer to your brand because that story sticks to them on another level. 
  • [00:13:08] Is conflict a necessary element in building a brand story?- There doesn't necessarily have to be a huge challenge or an obstacle to overcome. Most of the time, people want to hear stories to feel inspired and motivated. 
  • [00:17:49] How can brands build their stories despite the increasing noise and competition in the marketplace?- A story helps customers relate to a brand. It gives them a reason to connect and provides a better understanding of what a brand stands for. All of which helps a brand stand out above their competitors who haven't successfully told a compelling story.
  • [00:26:18] How can you be aware of what's being said about your brand?- Dolan believes that all brands should stand for authenticity. Whether you're an individual or a company, we all have a story to tell which can't be faked. You may pretend all you want, but people are going to see through it. 

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