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Finding the Right Team for Your Startup

Building a successful startup is all about having the right team. According to studies, 23% of new companies last 2018 failed because the employees did not fit together. Their founders tend to focus on building a product. They neglect to focus on getting the right people. Founders should always seek team members to complement him. In a small company, every member must be able to do everything in spite of having special expertise. Share tasks not only according to their abilities. Take into account the company’s needs. A founder should look for flexible and dynamic members that have a culture fit.

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What Are Results Oriented Work Environments?

Traditional management models no longer fit today’s technology. More employers give people the freedom to do their job, when and where they want. That’s as long as the work gets done. This is a management strategy called ROWE. It stands for Results Oriented Work Environment.

In ROWE, employees get paid for results rather than the number of hours worked. It begins to replace the 9-to-5 as it can increase productivity while lowering the work cost. So, it’s a win-win for both employers and employees.

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How to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is taking center stage in business today. A job is no longer a privilege in a competitive job market. Employers must build businesses where employees want to work. For too long, this has been the responsibility of the Human Resource department. They focused on policies and benefits. In this millennial age, keeping employees engaged must now be a part of a business’s strategy.

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Employee Development in a Small Company

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”―Benjamin Franklin. Employee Development isn’t only for large companies. It is vital for small companies seeking growth. The good news is that there are cost-effective ways to train employees. As with most things in business, employee development requires a solid plan to be effective. Continue reading