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Finding the Right Team for Your Startup

Building a successful startup is all about having the right team. According to studies, 23% of new companies last 2018 failed because the employees did not fit together. Their founders tend to focus on building a product. They neglect to focus on getting the right people. Founders should always seek team members to complement him. In a small company, every member must be able to do everything in spite of having special expertise. Share tasks not only according to their abilities. Take into account the company’s needs. A founder should look for flexible and dynamic members that have a culture fit.

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Creating a Strong Organizational Culture

The most common question asked in a job interview is: “Why do you want to work here?” The answer will often reveal if the person is a fit for the organization. It’s an opportunity to see if they’re aligned to the mission of the organization. When everyone in the organization understands and embraces the mission, they can move in a clear direction, together.

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