By Eric Dickmann

October 25, 2021

The Virtual CMO Podcast, User Experience

The Virtual CMO Podcast

Season 7, Episode 2

In episode 102, host Eric Dickmann interviews Joey Donovan Guido. Joey is an SEO and web design expert, speaker, business consultant, and author with over two decades of experience as a copywriter working in print and on the web. He is the owner of Cuppa SEO Web Design based in Madison, Wisconsin which focuses on strategy and architecture.

With a passion for search engine optimization, Joey realized the importance of looking at websites, and online marketing, holistically. This led him to write a book entitled “A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing” where he talks about optimization methodologies, user experience, and conversion.

You can connect with Joey on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Joey Donovan Guido
Joey Donovan Guido

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The Basics of Online Marketing

Nowadays, when people want something, they search for it online. Are you in their search results?

Before businesses engage with their customers and prospects, they need to understand the basics of online marketing to stay effective and relevant. Think of online marketing as a perfect opportunity to expand the awareness of your brand and grow the business. While online marketing can be complex, there are some basics every business should have in place to be successful.

To get the most of online marketing isn’t something businesses should take lightly; it requires time, focus, and dedication. Achieving good results come from sustainable efforts that are continuously enhanced over time.

What are the Basics of Online Marketing?

Online marketing or digital marketing is an umbrella term for a company’s online marketing efforts.

When it comes to the basics of online marketing. companies leverage digital channels such as search, social media, email, online advertising, websites, and apps to engage with current and prospective customers. Many companies focus on digital channels over traditional offline marketing tactics because it allows them to reach their target customers where they’re already spending most of their time; on the web, in email, or on apps.

Basics of Online Marketing Channels

Highlights from Our Conversation with Joey:

“The less it’s salesy, the more it’s about developing a relationship and just giving really good information.”

  • [00:02:47] What is the initial discussion to have when looking at the basics of online marketing?- The purpose of having a website is to educate, inform, and convert. Once the basics of online marketing are understood, companies have a clear idea of who their clients are, what they need, and how to reach them.
  • [00:04:58] How do you frame a website in terms of educating customers-Once the website has gotten rid of all the distractions and noise that may be detrimental to conversion, it’s essential to hit on a pain point by immediately addressing the customer’s need.
  • [00:09:02] The Netflix Syndrome- Just like Netflix, many websites are giving people too many choices. Focus on understanding the customer’s preferences.
  • [00:10:02] Working with video assets- Having video content on the website opens up so much room to create blog content and video snippets to share on the company’s social media platforms.
  • [00:15:00] Hosting webinars and engaging with the crowd- Even though it’s virtual, it is important to engage with the audience. Keep things interactive by asking the audience questions and getting them to participate.
  • [00:18:05] How do you manage Google updates?- Part of the challenge is understanding the impact of the changes Google makes to their algorithms. You simply can’t create a site and let it sit for years without making the changes required to keep in ranking with Google.
  • [00:21:18] How fast could a website expect to recover its rank when Google updates its parameters?- When you take a dip in ranking, sometimes it’s because you’re not pumping out fresh content. Things may happen pretty quickly; you could take a dip within a week or two and then suddenly pop back up within the next week.

The Basics of Online Marketing and Other Resources Mentioned

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