October 4, 2021

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The Virtual CMO Podcast

The Virtual CMO Podcast

Season 6, Episode 16

Hosted By: Eric Dickmann
With Guest: Jack Elias

Our Featured Guest

Jack Elias

Co-Founder & Vice President - Empower Social

Jack Elias is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and Co-Founder and Vice President of Empower Social, the world’s first digital marketing assistant. He and his co-founder, Daniel recognized the need for change, and for that change to happen, the market had to be shaken up to evolve.

Jack’s goal is to transform the way marketing for small businesses is serviced making it simple, efficient, and affordable. 

What's Hot?

"A Unique Alternative to In-House Staffing or Agency Hiring"

Empower Social is the world's first digital marketing assistant founded by Jack Elias and Daniel Forman.  The software is powered by the best available AI technologies, supported by local experts in your market, and backed by a global digital marketing force. Empower Social knows your business objectives, your competitors, and your industry; it knows the marketing world inside and out and learns new strategies and tactics daily. Their services truly empower business marketing.

Since 2011, Empower has helped small business owners from over 40 industry verticals drive digital marketing campaign results to new heights. So far, the team has powered hundreds of small businesses, such as- Coinberry, Mackenzie & Park, Go Canaa, and Kapital Solutions.

Empower Social

Jack Elias

Be comfortable with what you don't know. Lean on the experts when it comes to that."

What We Discussed with Jack:

On this episode, host Eric Dickmann interviews Jack Elias about scaling your marketing team with a digital marketing agency. Here are some highlights of our conversation:

  • [00:05:46] What are some common areas that businesses need help in?- Jack Elias shares that businesses usually face major headaches on the advertising side. Social media platforms and advertising on search engines like Google are not new. However, many find it challenging to create appealing and user-friendly content for their target market. Setting up ads, building landing pages, and performing AB testing can be important tools for growth when executed correctly. 
  • [00:09:21] Small businesses are an underserved market- While small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, they are often underserved and find themselves doing many business activities on their own. Jack notes that Empower Social was built to help serve this market by providing easily accessible marketing tools for these small businesses.
  • [00:11:46] How startups can have a solid client base- Jack emphasizes the importance of businesses being able to brand themselves. For a startup to build their reputation and grow a client base, they need to start with the basics. The basics would involve designing your logo, creating organic content, building out a website or landing page, and creating a business card. This helps a brand to establish a visual identity. 
  • [00:15:23] Branding is a big thing- When you look at multinational companies such as IBM, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi, their brand is easily recognized by anyone, anywhere around the globe! A logo speaks volumes. Having a logo that fits your brand paints a picture in people's minds of what your company actually does and stands for. Elias believes that branding should be a priority for all businesses.
  • [00:18:45] Are apps and app development critical part of a business- Jack shares that in the case of Empower, having an app was crucial to their growth and expansion. He pointed out that in Empower's home in Montreal, there are thousands of digital marketing agencies offering similar services. Their business was able to stay competitive, stand out in the market, and build a customer base because Empower Social was able to capitalize on the new technology. People crave accessibility and convenience. Technology changes, and it's not going to wait for you. It's either you adapt and innovate or lose relevance. 
  • [00:22:41] How does Empower Social bring value to its clients?- Empower Social works with in-house and freelance professionals to deliver valuable experiences to their customers and app users. Jack adds that they have gamified the app by letting clients swipe and learn at the same time. In addition, informational materials can be downloaded to improve their marketing knowledge and skill set. From time to time, users will find relevant offers from Empower's business partners that can help their business. 

Resources Mentioned

  • Special Offer!! Mention "The Virtual CMO" podcast when signing up and receive 250 credits at Empower Social - Company Website 

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