Outperform Your Competition with These eCommerce Strategies

By Barney Whistance

May 13, 2021


It goes without a doubt saying, online shopping is a miracle during the hustle and bustle today. To save time and effort, consumers today prefer conducting transactions online. Hence, it is no surprise that businesses now support e-commerce over traditional old-school ventures. According to a business statistic, in 2021, e-commerce sales are expected to account for 18.1% of retail sales worldwide.

3 Key Online Shopping Statistics

What does this mean for you as a business? Whether you're a small business or a large one, this spells out an increase in competition, as the numbers may only increase. As more enterprises shift online, you will need to fight tooth and nail to steal the spotlight from them. However, this won't be easy since you are supposed to uphold customer service while making sure you stock only the finest quality products.

In Store vs Online Shopping

No need to panic, as we are here to help! This article will inform you about different e-commerce strategies that you can apply to your business. Once implemented, these strategies will ensure that your business continues to flourish and leave your competition behind. Here's how you can emerge at the top:

1. Go from Niche to Mass Marketing

Niche marketing caters to a small group of people. You may extract and use their data such as age-specific, socio-economic backgrounds, and professions to create products that they want. When you introduce their choice of products as exclusive and private, you are bound to attract attention. Using the right keywords make for a great digital marketing guide for eCommerce businesses to help you make space for yourself among your consumers. Niche marketing is a great way to build your brand. When your business can prove an identity for itself, launch yourself into mass marketing. Through mass marketing, your products will reach a broader consumer base. However, the foundation of your business will stand on that selective consumer base with whom you started building your reputation. In the end, they will not only endorse your products but allow you to change prices while maintaining a profit.

How to Choose a Niche Market

2. Try Delivery Prices

Who doesn't like free delivery? Businesses who often charge for delivery face abandoned carts and incomplete transactions. Hence, you should try and leverage the way you work with delivery charges.

You could offer free shipping if the sale exceeds a certain threshold, encouraging consumers to fill up more. Suppose you could keep an incentive that consumers will get free shipping over orders that exceed $50. Try running a free delivery trial for a short period so that new consumers can familiarize themselves with your brand and observe how it may affect your revenue. You can even welcome new users by offering them free shipping if they register an account with your business.

3. Add Reviews

Consumers usually read reviews to get an idea of what they're getting into. It offers users insight from experience to the quality of products and often exposes a business if they become fraudulent. It would be best if you encouraged all of your consumers to write reviews for your business.

Negative Review Statistics

You can add reviews in inconspicuous spaces on your website so that users can easily find them and read them. Try not to skimp on the reviews and encourage as many of them as possible. Reviews also help consumers pick between similar products.

Minimum rating acceptable to consumers when deciding to transact with businesses

4. Offer Promotional Sales

Retaining an older consumer is more straightforward than getting a new one. New consumers require advertisements, offers, and bundle deals which can be costly for you. Older consumers already trust your brand, so all you need to do is keep them interested in your brand. The best way to go through this is by promotional sales.

It would help if you kept exclusive and personal discounts for your existing consumers. Since you already have their data, you should have no trouble creating different promotions for different customers. Consumers like to feel acknowledged, and a product recommendation based on their needs works much better.

Consumers' Preferred Sources of Coupons and Discounts

5. Provide Great Customer Service

Customer service is all that it takes to keep a consumer or push them away. It also helps you differentiate between your brand and your competition. Your employees should know your brand and the kind of products and services your company offers. It would help if you also looked into integrating AI to allow your business to stay functional 24/7.

It would help if you started by working on your website and running both desktop and mobile versions. Keep your data structured and easy to follow. In case your consumer has any questions, have chatbots and customer representatives always available. You should make sure your company policies, such as exchange and refund policies, are always transparent. When you ship your user's products, send them a tracking number and an approximate delivery date. All of these make for excellent customer service, and the more you do for them, the more they'll engage with your brand.

#1 Frustration customers have during their experience in a company

6. Employ the SEO

SEO makes for a great marketing strategy, especially for online spaces, and your business needs visibility. If you wish to rise above your competition, you need to appear above them in the search engine's results. To achieve this, pour your resources over your website. Create great content that covers your products and informs users about your company in detail. Ensure all the images are optimized to load fast and appear with high quality on your website. You should ensure your website loads within seconds, whether users run it on their cellphones or the desktop.

You can even add links to articles and blog posts that feature your business—all of these factors impact SEO. Before you know it, you get a high conversion rate and ultimately a high rank on search engine results.


Wrap Up

You need to be strategic if you want your e-commerce business emerging on the top. You may start by catering to a small group of people at a time before you launch mass marketing. It would be wise to experiment with delivery prices, find out what brings your consumers to make a purchase and what pushes them away.

Add reviews to make your brand more reliable, and offer promotional sales for old consumers to get them intrigued. Eventually, you should ensure your customer service should never suffer and take advantage of SEO to give your brand a more prominent space online.

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