Organizational Culture

Essentially, organizational culture is the values, behaviors, and shared vision that contribute to the environment of an organization."


Organizational Culture is...

Grounded in commitment to share purpose, values mindset and behave

exemplified and amplified

by the words

and deeds of leader

Built upon an organization's mission and underlying values
Exemplified by the words and actions of employees and management
Focused on providing value and solving for the customer
Facilitated by efficient and effectives processes and communication
Focused on providing value and solving for the customer
Facilitated by efficient and effective processes and communication
Enhanced by team diversity and collaboration
Enhanced by team diversity and collaboration

Organizational Culture defines your company.

Most people spend more time at work than they do at home. They interact with their coworkers more than their spouse or their children. Yet many businesses put very little effort into designing their organizational culture.

In our view, Organizational Culture is the bedrock of a company. Everything is built on top of this foundational layer. Get this right and businesses find the other aspects of their business much easier to manage.  (Find stat about how many hours people spend working versus free time) (Link to Wikipedia definition of organizational culture)

Organizational culture starts with a company's values and how those values translate into behaviors that define the social and psychological environment of a business. It's influenced by the company's mission and beliefs which guide the way people interact. It determines the flow of information and how communication is handled both up and down the management chain.

Many people think that organizational culture is all about perks and benefits. That's certainly part of the equation as they're part of what makes a company a great place to work. But organizational culture is much broader than that, it defines the soul of the company, what it stands for and how it values its employees.

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