5 Crucial Marketing Skills Your Team Needs

By Aubrey Lavigne

June 7, 2021

Marketing Skills

Written by: Aubrey Lavigne

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is to create, communicate, and deliver valuable exchangeable offers to customers, clients, partners, and even society as a whole.

We can’t deny how much the world of business has changed these past years, and with that is marketing. The way you connect to your audience to encourage them to buy your products and services is also transforming. This is undeniably true because of the rise of social media and other channels. This also means that you have to keep making sure that your marketing team always has the latest set of skills required to thrive in the future.

In today’s ever-changing digital world, a marketer must know how to make himself a big hybrid of key skills. This includes being a data analyst, compelling storyteller, tech wizard, social scientist, and a whole lot more. Digital marketing moves very quickly and if you’re a modern-day marketer, you have to keep gaining new skills so you don’t get left out.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services through utilizing the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. When you get down to it, digital marketing is still, simply marketing. It’s just how today’s businesses market themselves in front of their prospects and customers.

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Having a strong digital presence is beneficial in a lot of ways. This includes:

  • Easier awareness and engagement at every buying stage. Digital marketing makes it a lot easier for you to keep your customer connected with you before, during, and after the sale.
  • Convert new buyers into loyal customers. Did you know that in the US, 40% of online shopping revenue comes from repeat customers? Right now, this is all the more possible to achieve through digital marketing.
  • Helps target the right audience. Due to tons of new digital marketing platforms, it’s now a lot easier to segment audiences and target specific audiences.
  • Accurately measure your results. Through the use of different data analytics software and social networks or ad platforms, you can measure everything worth measuring.
  • Gain brand credibility. Being digitally active can help you go a long way. You can address your customers' doubts, clarify important concepts, and show that you understand what drives your market, all through your content.
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5 Crucial Marketing Skills Your Team Needs

A business without marketing is like a car without a driver. Marketing has always been an important part of a company’s success, and an essential part of running a business. If you want to build a successful marketing team, it's important to know the skills that are required to do so. Here are five important skills that will make your marketing team successful.

1. A Customer-Centric Approach

Marketing has shifted from being product-centered to being audience-centered which is why it is a must for marketers to develop and apply appropriate and scalable strategies and integrated campaigns to communicate effectively to your core audience. Yes, it’s great to have technically skilled people in your team. However, it’s no good if those skills aren’t being applied for optimum results.

Due to the rise of social and digital media, customers today have more power than ever. Your marketing team, then, should constantly think in your customer’s/audience’s shoes. What’s relevant to them? What issues are they facing? What could you offer them that might help them solve those issues? Understand what they want and when they want it.

2. Data Analyzing Skills

Marketing today is all about data. You need to look at how many visitors your website has, your click-through rate, the level of engagements in your content pieces, and a lot more. You have to see your ROI in front of your eyes. This is to make sure everything you have been investing in so far is effective and profitable.

Data analysis also allows your marketing team to identify areas of potential improvement or growth so that you would be able to take the necessary steps towards a successful future. This is the reason why every marketing team should have an analytics whiz. They will be able to interpret those data properly, and use those interpretations to come up with actionable goals.

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3. Website Management

Your website is one of your most powerful tools. So make sure your marketing team has someone who knows how to maintain and constantly improve it. Think of yourselves as a jobseeker and your potential customers as the employers. Your website, therefore, serves as your resume and will be the first thing they’ll look at before deciding to interview you.

Make sure it has everything you need them to see, make them want to talk to you more through it. Take this chief marketing officer resume as an example of how you can effectively market yourself, your company, and the products or services that you offer.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t the newest marketing channel, but it’s still one of the most effective ones. After all, it is an effective way to reach your customers. It can also be used to distribute action-oriented messages. This includes company announcements, product updates, new premium content, and more.

Aside from those, email marketing is also perfect for small businesses! If your marketing team isn’t using emails yet or has stopped using them, you may want to think twice and consider using it. Start learning how to send effective email campaigns and you might just see the results you’ve been waiting for.

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5. Social Media and Mobile Marketing

People are always on their phones, browsing their social media accounts. Social networks are vital for marketing and customer service. They allow for better targeting and increased engagement with your target audience and make it easy to collect feedback.

Millions of consumers are actively engaged on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to learn about brands and products. And it's no wonder through social media, consumers are able to have a voice and learn about their favorite products in a way they haven't been able to before. Your marketing team should know how to use this to your advantage.

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Final Words: Keep Moving Your Marketing Team Forward

The internet is a shifting landscape, which is why your business needs to adapt to stay relevant. When you take on the task of building your marketing team, make sure that you hire people who will help you to make the most of the rapid changes that are taking place within the industry. Do your best to search for people who will bring their unique talents to your team and keep improving them with you, as you move forward.

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Lastly, always keep in mind that marketing is all about finding the right resources that will help you continue to cope up with an ever-changing world. Your marketing efforts should always be improving to keep up with these changing times. Build a marketing team that you’ll be able to look to the future with. Bring on the right resources for everyone to continue to grow.

“Your marketing team grows, your business grows.”

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