By Eric Dickmann

February 2, 2023

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The Virtual CMO Podcast

Fractional CMO Insight Series - Season 8, Episode 9

In episode 124, host Eric Dickmann welcomes guest, Natalie Swan, a Fractional CMO at Swan & Associates. Natalie shares her unique perspective on the importance of marketing strategy. She shares insights on the necessity of having a clear marketing strategy and how important it is to implement tactics that align with a company's overarching goals.

Natalie tackles the confusion that often surrounds marketing, emphasizing the need to be resourceful when budgets are limited. She elaborates on the importance of understanding and refining an ideal customer profile to make informed decisions about the most effective marketing tactics.  We talk about customer journey mapping and how it can be instrumental in crafting a successful marketing strategy. 

You can connect with Natalie on LinkedIn and her website.

Natalie Swam

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers, it's time to sit up and pay attention as we take you on a marketing masterclass with none other than the dynamic Natalie Swan. An acclaimed fractional CMO with an exceptional business acumen, Natalie joins us in the latest episode of our podcast to share her secrets to creating actionable marketing strategies.

From her journey of studying business administration to becoming a self-made marketing maven, Natalie's story is as fascinating as it is inspiring. She skillfully navigates the often complex world of marketing and lays out a clear roadmap for others to follow. If you've ever wondered about the thrill of aligning a clear marketing strategy with a company's overarching goals, then this episode is for you.

Episode Summary

Marketing is a field that is continually evolving and growing, and Natalie is not one to shy away from the hard truths that come with it. She emphasizes the crucial role of resourcefulness, especially when resources are limited. This becomes particularly vital when articulating a company's goals effectively. But how does one go about this? Natalie provides valuable insights into refining an ideal customer profile and making informed decisions about marketing efforts.

As we delve deeper into the conversation, Natalie also touches upon the importance of critical thinking, especially in the realms of social media and SEO. Her advice is invaluable for any business looking to enhance its marketing strategies.

Episode Highlights

(0:00:02) - Introducing Natalie Swan (7 Minutes)

Natalie Swan is a fractional CMO who uses her business background to help her clients turn business objectives into strategic, actionable marketing. She discussed her journey from studying business administration, to working with a fast-growing event production company, to taking a job at a marketing strategy firm, to ultimately leaving her full-time job in 2018 to work with entrepreneurs and other business owners. We discussed the importance of having a marketing strategy and how it can be fun to implement tactics that support the overall goal of a company. Natalie also shared her experience in transitioning from a corporate environment to working on her own.

(0:07:10) - The Importance of Marketing Strategy (12 Minutes)

Natalie shares her insight on the confusion that often surrounds marketing, the importance of being scrappy when resources are limited, and how to effectively communicate the company's goals and objectives for marketing. She discusses the importance of understanding and refining an ideal customer profile in order to make informed decisions about their marketing efforts.

(0:18:57) - Marketing Tactics, Resources, and Hiring a Fractional Executive (10 Minutes)

We explore the importance of understanding your customer journey and how it can help you create a successful marketing strategy. Natalie shares her expertise on how to think critically about marketing tactics, especially when it comes to social media and SEO. We also discuss the importance of understanding the different ways customers interact with your business, and how to create a journey that works for them. Finally, we emphasize the importance of being scrappy, making the most of your resources, and how a Fractional CMO can help.

(0:28:44) - Customer Journey Mapping  (1 Minutes)

Finally, Natalie shares her expertise on customer journey mapping and how it can be used to create a successful marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways

From understanding the importance of having a clear marketing strategy to learning about customer journey mapping, the episode is brimming with insightful tips and strategies. If you're looking to enhance your understanding of marketing, then don't miss out on this episode with Natalie Swan. It's time to unlock the power of marketing and revolutionize your business!

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Eric Dickmann is the Founder / CMO of The Five Echelon Group, host of the weekly podcast "The Virtual CMO" and YouTube series "Work-Life" and a fractional CMO for a variety of small and midsize companies. An executive leader with over 30 years of experience in marketing, product development, and digital transformation, he has worked with large, global companies and small startups to develop and execute marketing strategies to bring innovative products to the market.

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