How to Design a Digital Branding Strategy in 2021

By Barney Whistance

July 8, 2021

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Written by: Barney Whistance

In today’s dynamic world, being a business owner is no less than challenging. Entrepreneurs invest most of their budget in product development and spend the rest on marketing. And, that’s not the only way to run a business in today’s competitive environment. In addition to advertising and marketing, you have to create a digital branding strategy. It would develop your brand’s identity on different digital forums while generating a constant flow of leads into the business.

Examining Digital Metrics

You can kickstart the branding campaigns by defining the core brand values. It will ensure you have a consistent brand message across every digital channel. Similarly, practice the art of storytelling and draft a compelling brand story to capture audiences’ attention. Focus on creating a brand voice by highlighting the company’s value proposition. For instance, you can talk about the different solutions your business offers and how they are unique. These practices will help in aligning your brand’s core values and customers with the branding strategy.

So, are you ready to jump on this pursuit? Here we are listing five ways to design a digital branding strategy in 2021.

1. Design Your Website

Unsurprisingly, websites are an integral part of digital branding strategy. Sometimes, businesses sell superb quality products, but people cannot purchase them because of poor web design. Therefore, you have to invest in an impeccable web design to offer people an excellent shopping experience. Picking themes, fonts, and color schemes is a bit challenging. However, you can always look for professional help within your region.

Important Web Design Statistics

Businesses operating in Queensland can search for web design Brisbane to avail of expert web service providers who can assist with website branding. In addition, you can tell them about navigation since it is an equally vital part of web design. You may ask the web designers to make the navigation institutive so that visitors don’t find it tough to browse anymore.

Why Website Speed is Important

2. Create a Brand Voice

When we talk about creating a brand message, it is all about the emotion and personality infused in the organization’s communication. In other words, it is the way how your brand sounds to a customer through marketing channels. Therefore, you have to create a consistent brand voice that quickly adapts and conveys a brand message. First, you can describe your brand voice in three words. For instance, if you sell women’s dresses, use fashion, quirky, and passionate.

What makes a brand's social best in class

After this, define each of these three words further to understand what your brand has to offer. Otherwise, you can list down things your business is not to narrow down the brand voice. These activities will give you a fair idea of what your brand stands for and how you should voice it, helping you create a competent brand voice.

Brand Voice Chart

3. Establish a Visual Identity

Today, digital consumers judge a brand within 90 seconds of their first interaction with the product. Typically, the color, logo, fonts, and other visual elements influence these judgments. Therefore, you have to establish a visual identity for your brand that makes it distinctive and attractive. Let’s see some tips to help you out.

  • Logo- You have to develop a symbol that represents your company strategically. You can take inspiration from recognizable companies like McDonald’s and Disney’s logo resembling their brand message.
Color Emotion Guide
  • Photography- The product images have to be brand-focused. You can pick aesthetics and backgrounds but keep the brand personality in mind.
  • Color Scheme- Believe it or not, color increases brand recognition by 80%, making it one of the core visual factors. You have to choose from a combination of primary colors that reflects your brand nature. Remember, colors can influence different emotions, so be careful with the selection.
Color Scheme Guide

4. Look into Competitive Positioning

Do you have any idea about who your competitors are? Most brands operate within industries that have well-established market players. Instead of taking advantage of what is already available, you have to reinvent the wheel. Look into marketing opportunities that your competitors aren’t using and find out what your target audience wants. For that, you can perform a competitive analysis to develop a better idea of the market.

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More broadly, look into others’ branding strengths and weaknesses to recognize gaps in your branding strategy. Perhaps, you might come across a market that is worth targeting that your competitor isn’t. Similarly, you can identify a customer need that any key market players haven’t addressed. Alongside giving you an edge in the market, it will create a stellar branding strategy.

5. Publish Quality Content

Every brand is trying to communicate a message to its audience, but the question remains how? You can use digital media such as blogs or eBooks to communicate your brand message across different channels. You can even create videos, infographics, podcasts, or anything that aligns with your brand message. If you are unsure, look into analytics to see which content format your audiences prefer the most.

In addition, try to address the problems your audience faces in a fun yet engaging manner. You can pick a tone to reflect the emotion behind your brand. Likewise, select the style to communicate your message. Do you want to keep it formal, casual, or entertaining? Choosing suitable media and platforms will help in developing content that reflects your brand.

How to Increase Your Reach

Final Words

Undeniably, branding has become an integral part of the digital world. It allows audiences to connect with the brand, improving retention, loyalty, and revenues. Therefore, everyone should put time and effort into building a comprehensive branding strategy. You have to create a memorable brand whose values resonate with the audience. Similarly, you have to understand the market dynamics to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

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