The Virtual CMO Podcast

The Virtual CMO Podcast

Season 5, Episode 10

Hosted By: Eric Dickmann
With Guest: Taunya Renson-Martin

Our Featured Guest

Taunya Renson-Martin

Founder and Managing Partner - Mach Media

Taunya Renson-Martin is an entrepreneur, writer, and Founder and Managing Partner of Mach Media. She leads a remarkable team of global professionals who are not only incredibly skillful but also super nice! 

Advising clients remain as Martin's passion as well, which is why you’ll still find Taunya creating and implementing strategic marketing communications programs to impact business for a variety of international companies. Strategy, creativity, service, and results are the four words that really light Taunya's fire! Taunya Renson-Martin was born and raised in Washington, D.C. She lived in Belgium since 2000 and started Mach Media in 2007 after steadily earning a client base of multinational companies eager to capitalize on having big agency ideas and flawless execution combined with boutique agency personalized service.


Taunya Renson-Martin and her team are proud to have expanded their operations to the United States, where they opened an office in 2016. Taunya is fluent in English, French, and Dutch.

What's Hot?

"Inspired Communications

Deft Strategy-Flawless Execution- Communication Training & Coaching

We care. We Inspire. We deliver."

Mach Media is a global full-service marketing communications agency founded by Taunya Renson-Martin in 2007. They create dynamic marketing and corporate communications for multinational companies and develop true partnerships with each of their clients so that they could identify the institution's challenges and  solve its core issues.  Aside from their commitment to make a difference, Mach Media is committed to creating a culture that values diversity and promotes equality

Mach Media works with many awesome global companies- Aviation Manuals, Entrada Group, Lonza Pharma & Biotech, Umicore, Veeva, and 2tec2 High Tech Flooring.

Mach Media

Taunya Renson-Martin

If you have an inclusive environment, it's a better work culture, people are more productive, people are happier people. You can retain your talent longer."

What We Discussed with Taunya

On this episode, host Eric Dickmann interviews Taunya Renson-Martin about diversity, inclusion, and importance of culture in marketing. Here are some highlights of our conversation:

  • [00:03:27] When did businesses start to focus on diversity and inclusion? - The issues of inequality and racism have existed for decades, but the events last 2020 had shed new light on the topics of diversity and inclusion. Taunya Renson-Martin shares that because of The Black Lives Matter Movement, people started to open up and become more open in initiating conversations about these social issues. Businesses have been more vocal about their stand on socio political issues. Their perspective on these matters is evident in their advertisements, press releases, and even their products or services.
  • [00:07:20] What does DEI mean? - Taunya and her company holds the core values of DEI. D is Diversity, I for Inclusion, and E is for Equity. Diversity is collaborating with people of different nationalities and embracing who they are. Inclusion is celebrating the workforce's diversity, and Equity is focused on giving people what they ultimately need based on their current situation.
  • [00:11:24] Establishing an inclusive environment - Having an inclusive environment allows a positive workplace culture and helps build a more productive workforce. Renson-Martin explains that businesses need to cast their nets a little wider if they want to have greater access to talent. Inclusivity can completely transform a business environment and give customers another reason to engage with the brand when they more easily see themselves fit into the brand's story.
  • [00:17:20] Diversity and Imagery - People want to see themselves in the products or services they purchase and connect with these brands on a personal level. Taunya mentions that compared to the past where businesses used stock photos in their brand imagery, companies today are starting to refresh their materials and are providing a more diverse representation of people using their products or services.
  • [00:21:40] Giving more access to people - According to Taunya, adding wheelchair ramps for people with disabilities or making a business more accessible to the visually or hearing impaired may be politically correct, but in reality, it's just human- good and thoughtful.
  • [00:25:41] You don't have to target everyone - You don't have to market your products or services to everyone all the time. The reality is you can't sell your product or service and expect praise from everyone. Target marketing makes good business sense! But being more inclusive in your brand story is a way to be more welcoming to everyone- even those who are not your prospects.

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