Digital Marketing: Importance of Link Building for Your SEO

By Barney Whistance

April 1, 2021

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Written by: Barney Whistance

Digital marketing has seen growth, from zero to a hundred, rapidly. The reason behind this is the advancement in technology and the development of the world accordingly. Since everyone has easy access to these technical devices, the business industry doesn’t stay behind either. One of the most meaningful uses of technology in the business world is digital marketing, which fortunately promises an efficient ROI. The use of these strategies enables companies to stay updated with the market trends and make effective use of their capital. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential in digital marketing that allows marketers to derive website traffic on their pages.

Benefits of Link Building

Link building for SEO helps take the brand name up and above the search engine ranking. It drives website traffic by redirecting readers from other articles and blogs to their content with just a click. The key is to place your link in high authority website’s content so that the reader knows your authenticity and Google algorithm can count you as a trustworthy source. When other publishers recommend your website, the web-crawlers inform Google to bring you at the top of its search results. It is a comprehensive and detailed notion, but the process is relatively easy when you get a grasp of it. One thing that’s for sure is that the use of link building for SEO has been advantageous to many small, medium, and large businesses in the previous decade. Let’s have a look at the importance of link building for SEO:

  • Increased Credibility- A strong backlink strategy has the primary goal of increasing credibility with the help of other publishers. It means that when a trusted source with high domain authority mentions your link in their publication, it increases your credibility. It will positively impact your brand building and awareness as you’ll become a choice for your potential customers in the future. When many credible sources hyperlink your websites, it strengthens your brand’s trustworthiness. It also enables Google, and other search engines, to list you at the top of search results. As a marketer, your focus should be on getting credible and authoritative sites to build links for you rather than having many unreliable sources recommend you.
  • Better Search Engine Ranking- Building brand awareness is the first and primary step towards achieving a more comprehensive market base. Experts do it through efficient marketing strategies. Link-building strategies aimed at achieving a higher search engine ranking include detailed SEO plans. Adding your backlinks on different content publications on the internet will allow web crawlers to identify you as an essential web source. It will lead you to reach the topmost of the search engine when the reader searches a specific keyword. Since companies invest a lot of digital marketing capital, marketers spend a lot of time understanding this algorithm to get them the desired results.
SEO Statistics
  • Website Traffic- Website development and designing take a lot of time. Your website must be easy to use and also attractive enough to keep the visitors engaged. Link-building strategies should be efficient to derive web traffic to your page. It is an easy way to increase traffic. With a single click on a highlighted keyword, It directs readers to your website. High authority and heavily trafficked websites must feature your backlink so that they direct significant traffic from there. The higher the number of visits on your website, make your brand awareness better and higher your ranking in search engine results. It is also helpful in increasing consumer engagement and reader satisfaction.
  • Better Relationship with Your Niche- Using link building strategy to market your product digitally would give you an added benefit of an already filtered target audience divided into demographic and psychographic groups. Getting your backlink featured under relevant content would allow web-crawlers to specify your niche and generate leads from the appropriate audience. Not only this, but along the way of building links through influencers, social media, and guest blogging, you will understand the authority figures in your niche or industry. It will be exceptionally beneficial in enabling you to look for strategic alliances, leading to successful collaboration in the future. It will also allow you to connect with the relevant authority player in your industry and make the right contacts. So in the future, you will directly contact those in your niche and probably add your backlink, which would save you a lot of time and effort.
Most Effective Link Building Strategies
  • Possibility of Becoming the Leading Brand- To become the leading brand, a company needs to build brand awareness and maintain its brand image. With an efficient link-building strategy, you will bring your brand to the forefront of the industry by getting yourself listed at the top of search results. It will lead to people seeing you as a trusted figure. It will give you the voice of authority, allowing you to dominate your niche. You can achieve it by adding as many backlinks as you can under relevant and authoritative sources. It will help you gain more visibility, making it easier for your potential consumers to find your product and service online. Being on top of the ranking will also help you stay ahead of your competitors and offer high-quality content to your readers.
  • Generate Leads- Businesses are working with innovative marketers and encouraging them to think outside the box to develop digital marketing strategies that increase lead generation. It is a process of converting potential customers into interested buyers and getting them to provide you with an email or a phone number. The number of leads helps in estimating the number of sales in the future. Link building helps generate leads by allowing people to visit your website and webpage. They take an interest in what you have to offer through other publishers. It promises more sales, hence, more revenue which is a major goal of every business.
Long-Form Content generates more backlinks than Short Blog Posts


SEO strategy needs businesses to focus on relevant keywords and phrases that attract the most visitors to their online content. Marketers could do it with the help of online tools available for this purpose. Companies that ensure efficient use of these digital marketing strategies experience incredible success and competitive advantage.

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