Encouraging a Better Work-Life Balance for Employees

With the rise of an “always on” work culture, it’s no wonder employees struggle with work-life balance. Work days stretch on for hours, and even when we leave, our devices (and our work) follow us home. Our sleep suffers, relationships become strained, and anxiety sets in. The resulting stress makes it difficult to engage, collaborate, and get work done.

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How to Build a Profit Plan for Your Business

It is critical to build a profit plan to help a business stay on track. It provides a financial roadmap for your company. But with many competing demands, it can be difficult to know where to start. Seasonal cash-flow changes can be unpredictable. As are market demand and competitive factors.

The best way to start is by understanding your business goals. Involve all key stakeholders to align the plan with your goals. Decide what key metrics you will track and what tools you will use to track them. Make sure there is one source of truth for data and that everyone agrees on the validity of the numbers. Then through analytical tools, track and measure progress against your goals.

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Micromanagement Versus Empowerment

There’s a battle between micromanagement versus empowerment. Micromanagement is dead, and empowerment is on the rise! Managers need to stop bossing and start empowering their people. Empowered employees are more engaged and vested in the success of a business. To get the best results, organizational culture must evolve. It should be one of shared accountability, not excessive management control.

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Building a Strategy and Goal Setting

Every business and individual should have goals to be successful. The best way to achieve goals is to develop strategies that serve as a roadmap to guide you toward achievement. The better the strategy, the more likely you are to achieve your end goal. Building a strategy aligned with goals is a foundational part of achieving success in business. Continue reading