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The Five Echelon Group

The Five Echelon Group

We help companies redesign business strategies for growth and profitability


Demand problems lead to a lack of sales opportunities and ultimately, a shortfall in revenue. We help diagnose demand problems and analyze what steps are needed to generate a consistent flow of sales opportunities.


Especially in this uncertain environment, old marketing plans need to be reworked to reflect new economic realities. With a focus on data, plans are redesigned to take advantage of current market conditions.


When budgets are tight, smart execution is important. We help execute marketing plans with internal resources and external vendors to deliver results quickly and efficiently to maximize your marketing spend.

Marketing is the engine that drives demand. 

Do you have a comprehensive marketing strategy?

Too often, marketing takes a back seat to other priorities. Awareness fails to materialize, demand drops, and sales falter. Don't wait until it's too late to build your brand awareness and demand generation programs. 
A Virtual CMO can help build out a comprehensive strategy and implement marketing programs designed  to increase awareness and generate demand.
Learn more about our CMO On Demand consulting service and how it can save your company time and money while helping your company grow.

Marketing in Challenging Times

Business has been shut-down and world economies thrown into chaos. There is no doubt we are in uncertain times and there is no playbook for what to expect ahead. This is a new world for every company and business owner. But there is good news...

The economy is reopening!  Is your business ready?

Marketing strategies built for business as usual won't work in an economy restarting after a sudden stop. 

At The Five Echelon Group, we help small and midsize businesses adapt their marketing plans to take advantage of new marketplace realities.

To successfully restart your business, old strategic plans need to be reworked and priorities redefined. Marketing plans need to be crafted to take advantage of new opportunities and budget realities. Finding customers, generating leads, and producing revenue is more important than ever but also more challenging.

The stakes have never been higher, but we are here to help your business restart and thrive!
The Five Echelon Group
Rework Marketing Plans

Step 1: Plans built for marketing in a booming economy are no longer valid. But companies will need marketing support to attract new business as the economy recovers. The first step is to build out a focused plan of attack.

Utilize the Downtime

Step 2: While the economy starts to recover, all sectors won't be affected at once. Businesses can use the downtime to their advantage to prepare for the coming opportunity by building out and optimizing content and messaging. 

Focus on the Restart

Step 3: As the economy starts to recover, businesses will need to be nimble, see opportunities, and take advantage of changes in buying behavior. It's a potentially new competitive landscape. Being ready and knowing how and when to spend will be critical.

Analyze and Adjust

Step 4: Given this uncharted territory, measuring, monitoring, and adjusting will be more important than ever. What worked before might not work in this new environment. The key will be identifying trends and quickly making any needed adjustments.

Businesses need to think strategically but often get so bogged down in the day to day that they don't take the time to develop an actionable plan for success. Without a plan, business activity can become reactionary and unfocused, slowing progress and limiting profitability.

We help businesses design a strategy for growth by building a solid foundation for success based on the The Five Echelon."

Eric Dickmann

Founder of The Five Echelon Group

The Virtual CMO podcast is a weekly strategy discussion for small and midsize marketing professionals looking to grow their businesses. 


Thought leadership, marketing tactics, business advice, and case studies to help businesses build strategies for growth and long-term success.


Links and resources to help restart your business after this unprecedented disruption.


We offer a variety of strategic consulting programs to help our clients including the CMO On Demand outsourced executive consulting service.

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