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Virtual CMO and strategic marketing advisory services for SMBs looking for growth and profitability.
The Five Echelon Group

The Five Echelon Group

We help SMBs design strategic marketing plans for growth and profitability


Demand problems lead to a lack of sales opportunities and ultimately, a shortfall in revenue. We help diagnose demand problems and analyze what steps are needed to generate a consistent flow of sales opportunities to maximize profitability.


Especially in this uncertain environment, old strategic marketing plans need to be designed to reflect new economic realities. With a focus on data, plans are reworked to take advantage of current market conditions.


When budgets are tight, you need a strategic marketing plan that will deliver tangible results. We coordinate internal resources and external vendors to deliver results quickly and efficiently, maximizing marketing spend.

How can a marketing strategist help your business?

Marketing is the engine that drives growth but it can be a complicated and expensive undertaking. Many companies simply don't have the time and resources necessary to execute a comprehensive marketing strategy, yet they still need new business opportunities to bring in revenue and grow.

A Virtual CMO or Fractional CMO is an experienced marketing advisor who helps design and execute strategic marketing plans on a part-time basis for companies needing marketing expertise. They are accountable for managing campaigns, increasing brand awareness, and improving lead generation.

When it doesn’t make sense to add the expense of a full-time marketing professional, SMBs can hire a marketing strategist on-demand for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Higher Return

In many companies, marketing is considered an optional expense because it’s not clear what value the efforts are producing. A Virtual CMO uses data to rationalize marketing investments and show direct impacts to the company's bottom line.

Improved Insight

A Virtual CMO designs plans and tracks performance based on metrics and analytics. With a clear understanding of what's working and what's not, a plan can be implemented within budgetary limitations to produce tangible results.

Efficient Execution

Coordinating the efforts of both internal and external resources is a critical function of a Virtual CMO. For campaigns to be executed efficiently, the right tools need to be implemented and resources deployed to get the most value from marketing investments.

Better Relationships

It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. A Virtual CMO focuses on nurturing customer relationships and lifetime customer value. The goal is to keep customers satisfied and coming back for more!

Strategic Marketing Consulting Services

Strategic Marketing Advisory Services

We offer strategic marketing advisory services to SMB's that are  designed by experienced marketing professionals to help your company increase its marketing trajectory.

Virtual CMO

Let a Virtual CMO help your company by designing and executing a strategic marketing plan for increased growth and profitability at less cost cost than hiring a full-time marketing leader. Our CMO On Demand fractional executive services can help your company take its marketing execution to the next level.

Project Consulting

Do you have an upcoming project but don't have the resources needed to get it executed? A new product launch, rebranding, marketing automation implementation, or entering a new market? Whatever the task, we provide expertise to get your project launched efficiently and on-time.

Strategic Coaching

Have you hired a team but realize they don't have all the needed skills to take your company to the next level? We can engage with your marketing team to empower them with the skills needed to increase your company's marketing effectiveness. Rather than rehiring or adding to the team, empower them!

Marketing is the engine that drives demand. 

Do you have a strategic marketing plan?

Too often, marketing takes a back seat to other priorities. Awareness fails to materialize, demand drops, and sales falter. Don't wait until it's too late to build your brand awareness and demand generation programs. 
A Virtual CMO can help build out a comprehensive plan and implement specific programs designed to increase awareness and generate demand.
Learn more about our Virtual CMO strategic marketing advisory service and how it can save your company time and money while helping your business grow.

Businesses need to think strategically but often get so bogged down in the day to day that they don't take the time to develop an actionable plan for success. Without a strategic marketing plan, business activity can become reactionary and unfocused, slowing progress and limiting profitability.

We help businesses design a strategy for growth by building a solid foundation for success based on the The Five Echelon."

Eric Dickmann

Founder of The Five Echelon Group

Do You Need Marketing Expertise to Grow Your Business?

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The Virtual CMO podcast is a weekly strategy discussion for small and midsize marketing professionals looking to grow their businesses. 


Thought leadership, strategic marketing tactics, business advice, and case studies to help businesses build strategies for growth and long-term success.


Links and resources to help restart your business after this unprecedented disruption.


We offer a variety of strategic marketing consulting programs to help our clients including the CMO On Demand outsourced executive consulting service.

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